Vietnamese Farmers Go Online

Successful development and implementations of e-commerce solutions for Vietnamese ethnic minorities and farmers warrant additional support of DKK 1,2mill. from the Danish Embassy in Vietnam.

The aim of the project is to improve the working and living conditions for ethnic minorities and farmers in Vietnam. This is done by enabling the farmers to use new tools such as the internet to promote and sell their products and gain access to vital information. Further, the education in usage of the internet and online communication which are brand new features for many people in the rural areas will hopefully expand their possibilities and help bring these groups into the 21st century. This year, the project conducts training for farmers in 9 provinces in the North and will expand to other provinces of Vietnam.

Through the new e-commerce portal farmers can sell their products directly to customers on the internet and thereby get higher prices for their goods. At the same time customers get easy access to shop fresh groceries online. Once the purchase is completed a physical store will bring the groceries to the customer.

The first stage of the project was launched in November when the business-to-business (B2B) e-portal for knowledge sharing and education was released. Through the first stage B2B e-portal at farmers and ethnic minorities can exchange valuable experiences and most importantly receive education on issues such as farming methods and work safety by educated trainers from Agritrade.

In the second stage, the project has successfully planned, designed, and launched the new B2C-portal. Further they have also carried out technical training, English training and HIV/Aids training for staff with the help of overseas experts and the Danish partner Ai Design.

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