Major Leak to Danish Paper Exposes Chinese Duplicity

The Danish daily Information has been obtained access to classified documents from China’s top leadership – an unusual and rare leak that provides an otherwise unseen glimpse into the mindset and intentions of the Chinese regime

In which direction is China moving politically? How does China really look upon the West? What is the Communist Party’s greatest fear? Today, the Danish daily Information is in a position to expose the content of a number classified documents from China’s top leadership. Together, they provide an extremely rare glimpse into the thoughts and plans at the top echelon of the giant country’s central power.

In a highly unusual move in China, the documents that shed unprecedented light behind the curtains of the power apparatus, have been made available to Information from a source that declares itself ”to be in disagreement with China’s present political orientation”.

The very voices of the Chinese top leaders that are spelt out in these documents. Many of the leaked documents, 60 pages in all, stem from the party’s Central Committee, the highest authority within the party, and according to Professor Bo Zhiyue from the National University of Singapore, ”these documents will have been approved at a place as high as the politburo’s standing committee” whose members are China’s nine most powerful men, including President Hu Jintao and Premier Wen Jiabao.

Other documents are from the party’s powerful Central Propaganda Bureau and the Beijing city party leadership.

From time to time, isolated documents from Chinese local governments are leaked to the internet, but it is unusual for a foreign media outlet to get access to a batch of documents from such a top level in China‘s otherwise tightly controlled system.

”Leaks of this type are extremely rare,” says David Bandurski, a researcher in Chinese media and party propaganda at the Hong Kong University.

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