Tragedy Strikes at Roskilde Festival

Unidentifed woman falls to her death from zip-line tower

Tragedy has unfortunately struck the Roskilde Festival. Politiken newspaper has reported that an unidentified woman has died following a fall from a 31 metre tall tower used for a Tuborg-sponsored aerial zip-line.

Roskilde Festival officials have confirmed the death, but details remain sketchy. Media reports say the woman was around 25 years old, but police have so far not identified the victim. While respondents on the festival’s Facebook feed have speculated that it might have been a suicide or that the woman may have fallen off the top of Sky Bar while dancing, no details of the incident have been confirmed.

B.T. tabloid reports that Roskilde police are now encouraging all female festival attendees to call or SMS their family, as the police are receiving an overwhelming volume of calls from concerned family members.
More details to come when they are available.


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