The Missing Key Witness

The court hearing in the case against Mr. Kim Eriksson Sirawan ended last week, but his defense lawyer can still submit a closing statement in writing which will be taken into account by the court before announcing its verdict scheduled for 22 September 2011.

“We are working hard with the written closing statement in which we will show why the charges against Kim are not really valid,” says a source close to Mr. Erikssson Sirawan, a  former multinational business executive who is assisting him and his family as best as they can.
    “In the absence of the testimony of our crown witness,Thomas Lilius, the inquiry performed by Rikspolisstyrelsen in Sweden along with our team’s research efforts, have provided a mass of relevant details that we will focus on. I would also like to take this opportunity to commend the Thai court and all those involved for providing Kim with a fair and just trial,” this secretive source says.

Internal Police Inquiry No 0150-K1764-11

An internal police report from the Swedish Police reveals interesting information about what actually happened before Kim Eriksson Sirawan was arrested in his home in Rayong more than one year ago.

The police report was written following Mr. Erikssons Sirawan´s parents complaint to the Swedish authorities indicating that the Swedish police has been using Mr. Thomas Lilius, the now missing witness, as an ‘agent provocateur’ in Thailand.

Rikspolisstyrelsen interviewed  Mr. Staffan Jonsson and Mr. Anders Ullenius, both from Rikskriminalpolisen (RKP), Informatörshanteringsgruppen and this internal investigation reveals that Mr. Lilius has been working for the  American Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) for quite some time before the arrest of Mr. Eriksson Sirawan. Lilius and the DEA have had meetings already in early 2009. Mr. Lilius had been caught by a phone-tap when instructing persons in the USA on how to manufacture narcotics. The deal between Mr. Lilius and the DEA was that if Mr. Lilius cooperated with them, the DEA would drop charges against him.

The source close to Mr. Eriksson Sirawan tells ScandAsia:
“Yet, high ranking Swedish police officers, who quite obviously were aware of what happened in Thailand prior to Kim´s arrest never seem to have raised the issue of whether Thomas Lilius broke the law or not and maybe should face charges – despite having repeatedly warned him about potential repercussions. They just seem to have turned a blind eye to it all.”

Mr. Lilius´s role unclear

The report shows that after Mr. Eriksson Sirawan was arrested in Thailand, Mr. Lilius came back to Sweden and was paid 5000 Swedish kronor from DEA by RKP. Mr. Lilius planned to stay in Sweden for 2 – 3 weeks and then get a Green Card to stay in U.S.. This had not yet occurred at the time of the interrogation of Swedish police officers.
Mr. Lilius has received money from time to time from the DEA. RKP has had meetings and been in contact with Mr. Lilius since early 2009 about once every months.
Mr. Eriksson Sirawan was of interest already at the first contact according to the report, because of his previous criminal record of producing steroids in Sweden.

On April 15 2010 the RKP-group had a meeting with Mr. Lilius, and the police were very clear to explain that any crimes committed abroad might have consequences in Sweden why any criminal action made by Mr. Lilius in Thailand will be a legal matter in Sweden.

ScandAsia´s source expresses his concern when foreign countries uses Thailand as their battleground.

“I think this case also raises the issue of foreign countries exporting crime to Thailand. It is probably hard to avoid individuals visiting Thailand and committing crimes here. But is it not rather lacking in respect that police forces knowingly have crimes conducted in the very visitor-friendly sovereign state of Thailand? Personally I think it is most disrespectful”, he says.

The defense of Mr. Eriksson Sirawan has raised many questions during the court meetings, quite a lot of them could only being answered by Mr. Lilius. He never showed up in the court and the question is now how will the Criminal Court Bangkok respond when the sentence will be announced on September 22 2011.

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