Danish Video Artist Jesper Just Shooting Movie in Bangkok

The Dane Jesper Just just arrived Bangkok to shoot the movie ´Vanishin Women´. He is working together with the award winning film director, Urophong ´Toi´Raksasad from Thailand, tells the Danish daily, Politiken.

The movie will be a roadmovie called ´Vanishing Women` featuring an obese woman on her way out of the city where she has been trapped in her obesity.

´Vanishing Women´is an experiment and it is hoped that the meeting between two different cultures and artistic intentions will develop the documentary genre. The Just and Raksasad match is a part of DOX: LAB which is a talent development program created by the documentary film festival CPH: DOX, where young visual talent from the North are matched with young international directors in order to create a documentary outside Europe.

Uruphong ‘Toi’ Raksasad is born in 1971 and in 2009 he won the UNESCO Prize at the Rotterdam International Film Festival.

Jesper Just is born in 1974 and among his movies are ‘Victim-as-Hero/Michael Douglas, a Social Loos (2001),’ No Man is An Island I-II ‘(2002 and 2004), “Bliss and Heaven” (2004),’ The Lonely Villa ‘(2004),’ Vicious Undertow “(2007), ‘Sirens of Chrome” (2010).

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