Air China lifts 50,000 Chinese touristsen

Two new flight routes are expected to triple the number of Chinese tourists arriving in Denmark to around 50,000 per year.

Air China will start up with a four-times weekly service between Beijing and Copenhagen, while Scandinavian flagship airline SAS is expanding with a direct flight to Shanghai. Copenhagen Airport CEO Thomas Woldbye welcomed the prospect of an influx of well-heeled consumers after ‘knocking on the door of Air China for a long time’.

“There are three types of traveler from China”, he said. “Transit, tourists, and business people. The new routes mean more export income and should provide millions of kroner for Denmark”. He expected the sharp increase in traffic to create extra demands on Copenhagen Airport and the Danish tourist industry, which would have to become better at dealing with the Chinese – such as offering Chinese breakfast at hotels instead of continental.

The Air China Copenhagen-Beijing route opens up on June 2nd, while the direct SAS route to Shanghai kicks off on March 2nd.


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