All nations join the MAMA CUP 2015

Former MAMA CUP event
Former MAMA CUP event

This Saturday the annual MAMA CUP golf tournament takes place at the Royal Golf and Country Club in the Bang Sao Thong district. Both Swedes, Danes, Finns and Norwegians are represented on the field.

There are many different Scandinavian networks in Asia: Danish Women’s Network in Bangkok, Pattaya Finland-Society, Klubb Norge in Hong Kong or Swedish club of Shanghai.

What makes Scandinavians Golf Thailand different from many of the other social networks is the variety of both Swedes, Danes, Finns and Norwegians represented on the field. And that is not a new thing, Kristian Wensell thinks. He is the captain of Scandinavian Golf Thailand.

“It has been like this always, or at least as long as I have been involved the last 10 years,” Kristian says.

The MAMA CUP tournament gathers around 60-70 players – both from Scandinavia and Thailand. At the moment 52 players are signed up.

As captain of the club, Kristian is also participating in MAMA CUP 2015. And he has great expectations to the tournament.

“I hope to be in top 3,” he says.

Scandinavian Golf Thailand has approximately 120 Scandinavian members in total.

See the signed up players here:

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