“Asia should eat more Danish food”


From his export drive to Southeast Asia, Esben Lunde Larsen, the Danish Minister of Food and Environment, returned back to Denmark with good news for the farming and food sector in Denmark.

“There is huge potential to sell more Danish products,” he says.

These days, Southeast Asia experiences a rapidly growing economy – estimated to be on the same economical level as India in 2030 – which makes Southeast Asia a possible market to buy and sell Danish products.

“Many Danish farmers and Danish food producers are challenged by falling prices and poor sales changes. It is extremely important to pave the way for new markets to sell Danish products. In Denmark we produce high quality good, and at the same time we produce food with consideration to the environment, and we can sell much more to the growth markets. It will make more jobs in Denmark. ” says Esben Lunde larsen.

Today, Danish companies sell for more than DKK 10 billion to Southeast Asia’s 10 countries each year. Some of the most popular Danish products are cereal, biscuits, dairy, pork, and poultry. According to Esben Lunde Larsen, he believes the sales can be increased significantly, thanks to the booming economy in Southeast Asia.

The Confederation of Danish Industries (Dansk Industri), which represents a line of food producing companies, agrees with the Minister of Food- and Environment on the good opportunities in the regions of Southeast Asia.

“The markets in Southeast Asia are becoming more interesting for the Danish food producing companies. The purchasing power increases, and people demands food of high quality. It is very positive, that the Minister support the effort of the Danish food companies – it can accelerate them into the Southeast Asian markets,” says Ole Linnet Juul, director of the food department in Dansk Industri.

Karen Hækkerup, administrative director at the business organisation Landbrug & Fødevarer (Farming & Food products), also sees potential possibilities in the Southeast Asian markets.

“Indonesia alone owns a middle class of 45 million people, and each year the number is growing. It is people, who want to buy high standard food products, which we can produce in Denmark,” she tells.

According to Karen Hækkerup, Danish technology, knowhow, and breeding material are needed in other countries in the Southeast Asian region, for example in Malayisa, where the farming is under massive development.

Sources: www.mfvm.dk

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