Bangkok Prep celebrates 2017 Graduation Day

Bangkok Prep
On Tuesday 30 May, Bangkok Prep held its 2017 Graduation Day, with special guest speaker H.E. Brian Davidson, British Ambassador to Thailand, who presented the diplomas to students.

Head of School Valerie Thomas-Peter says, “This is a ‘bittersweet’ time of year as we say goodbye to a cohort of Year 13 students who have become very dear to our school community. The Graduation Ceremony was a magnificent occasion and highlighted all of the best qualities of our students. My thanks go to His Excellency Mr Brian Davidson, the British Ambassador for attending as our keynote speaker and my congratulations go to everyone who was involved in the organisation of this event.”

Head of Secondary Nigel Wilsonlock adds: “Graduation is a time of reflection for teachers as we say goodbye to students we may have known since Year 7. If we have done our jobs properly, they will leave and flourish as adults and come back to tell us of their wonderful adventures!”

With a total of 33 students, the Class of 2017 was the sixth graduation class from Bangkok Prep since the school was founded in 2003, with most having already secured a place at university.

“Before deciding on their top choice, students get many offers from around the world, and in total Bangkok Prep’s Class of 2017 had offers from 45 different international universities,” explains University Guidance Counselor Graeme McNaught. “Many of these offers came from very prestigious universities, some of which are in the top 50 in the world, with one in the top 10.”

The top 10 offer was from Imperial College London and the top 50 offers included the University of California, Davis; New York University; the University of Edinburgh; Kings College London; Bristol University; the University of Hong Kong and the University of Manchester.

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