China’s Ambassador visited Cabinet Secretary Rydberg and said goodbye

Photo curtesy: Embassy of China in Sweden

Recently, Ambassador Gui Congyou visited the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs Cabinet Secretary Rydberg and said his goodbyes, the Embassy of China in Sweden reports. 

During the visit, Ambassador Gui Congyou said that there are hundreds of reasons to develop and improve the China-Sweden relationship. There are no historical conflicts between China and Sweden, only long-term friendship, the Ambassador said.

Sweden is the first western country to form a diplomatic connection with China. Although there are differences regarding ideology and political systems, China and Sweden have successful experiences in developing friendly cooperation relations, the Embassy stated. 

“Together, our two countries have the same desires for a peaceful, stable and developed world, together we encourage multilateralism and free trade, together our two countries and people benefit from cooperation,” the Embassy said.

Moreover, the Embassy noted, “The hope is that the Swedish side will strengthen its understanding of China’s Communist Party and Socialism with Chinese Features for a New Era, learn more about facts in China and the Chinese people’s needs, wants and desires from a complete, objective and deep perspective. The hope is that the Swedish side can exclude certain individuals’ obstacles and interruptions, meet halfway with China, focus on consensus, deal with differences and promote win-win cooperation according to the principles, among other things. mutual respect, equality and non-interference in each other’s domestic affairs.” 

During the meeting, Cabinet Secretary Rydberg thanked Ambassador Gui Congyou for his efforts to promote the development of the China-Sweden relationship and said that both sides had successful cooperation experiences in trade, investment, sustainability and other areas, Sweden wants good relations with China,  Cabinet Secretary Rydberg said. 

Sweden will continue to attach great importance to the relationship with China and hopes to strengthen bilateral communication and further develop the bilateral relationship, Cabinet Secretary Rydberg said, the Embassy said.  

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