Sweden reintroduces advice against travel to Thailand

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On 22 July, the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs has decided to reintroduce the advice against unnecessary travel to Thailand, the Ministry writes in a press release.

Thailand has recently experienced an increased spread of covid-19 and a nationwide state of emergency prevails. The recent development came at a time where the country surged ahead with its plans to restart tourism after deeming the Phuket Sandbox pilot program to be a success and on 15 July Thailand also opened up for international travelers to visit three of Thailand’s most popular islands with its Samui Plus travel scheme.

In the press release, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs refers to the EU’s recent decision not to allow entry from Thailand again. The country has previously been exempted from the entry ban to the EU, but the exemption has now been abolished.

The decision enters into force with immediate effect.

Source: Aftonbladet

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