Finland continues to be a cyberespionage target for China

The Supo headquarter in Helsinki

The Finnish Security and Intelligence Service (Supo) published on Monday its National Security Overview report.
According to Supo, Finland has continuously been a target for cyber espionage by authoritarian states including China and they do not expect to see a decline in this tendency in the future.

The goal of espionage for the states is to back their own policies and to influence policymakers in Finland, Supo explained. In addition, Finnish companies and educational institutions were also targeted, the report concluded.

These attacks could likely be happening in the form of ransomware attacks where elements like critical infrastructure are taken hostage by hackers who take over the control with their online control systems demanding some ransom to hand over control again. This form of attack was recently seen in the US where oil pipeline operator, Colonial Pipeline, was taken hostage by Russian hackers.

In addition to cyber-attacks, Finland is also targeted by conventional non-cyber espionage from states like China.

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