Chinese telecommunications company causes political unrest in Denmark

Denmark’s largest telecommunications company, TDC, is considering cancelling their current deal with Swedish Ericson and instead letting controversial Huawei from China be in charge of TDC’s mobile net.

TDC’s head of communications, Ib Konrad Jensen, confirms to Danish post Børsen that “TDC is having talks with several suppliers, including Huawei, on operating and expanding the mobile net. Nothing has been decided yet.”

Huawai has been accused by the American Congress of industrial espionage. They fear that Huawei has build in so called “backdoors” which enables the Chinese to spy on all mobile and data traffic that might run through the nets. Australia has gone as far as banning Huawei from bidding on the country’s coming national broadband net.

The American investigation could not prove that there were actually any “backdoors” in Huawei’s equipment from routers to mobile masts but the suspicion is till there.

Therefore it causes political unrest in Denmark that Huawei is in the bidding and according to rumor us outbidding TDC’s current supplier, Swedish Ericsson.

Both Huawei and the smaller Chinese colleague ZTE is partly owned by the Chinese state and both have previously been accused of outbidding its European and American competition with government funding. The European Union is currently investigating whether this has been going on in Europe where Huawei has won a number of large contracts the past few years.

The TDC’s of using Huawei as a supplier is raising red flags in both the government and coalition.  The issue is now to be processed be the Danish Minister of Industry, Annette Vilhelmsen.

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