Competition between Norwegian and Thai Airways means cheaper flights

Norwegians who wish to travel to Thailand might stand to save money in the future. This summer, Thai Airways who had had the direct route from Oslo since 2009 and now flies directly to Thailand five times a week will be expanding with daily flights. At the same time, Norwegian will be setting up three weekly departures directly to Thailand.

That means ten direct flights a week to Bangkok, Thailand.

Thai Airways’ response to Norwegians new route by creating daily departures from June 18 to August 15.

“The aim is to have daily flights all year within one to two years. The flights are very popular,” says head of Thai Airways in Norway, Arnuphap Kittikul.

Norwegian is looking forward to competing with Thai Airways.

“The competition will is good for the travellers who will have cheaper flights,” says Lasse Sandaker-Nielsen from Norwegian.

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