Copenhagen ideal as hub for Japanese tech-startups

Japan is globally known as a technologically advanced country. The Japanese economy, which is one of the largest in the world, is based mostly on technology, and Japanese technology businesses sell their solutions to the rest of the world.

It would be natural to expect an excellent and flourishing environment that allows startup to grown and develop. But according to Copenhagen Capacity, reality is different.

The Danish organisation reports that Japan is a society that is not fond of taking risks – especially in business. Safety and stability are key factors in choosing a workplace and picking investments. Japanese investors prefer established businesses, tells Copenhagen Capacity.

Copenhagen Capacity, Innovation Lab Asia, TechBBQ and several Nordic investors have travelled to Japan to promote the Scandinavian startup environment, because Japanese investors are looking for new technology in health and environment – things that Nordic technology startups excel in.

During the trip the Nordic startup companies and businesses hoped to convince the Japanese investors of the potential of Scandinavian tech-innovation.

“Japan has a big need for new technological solutions in terms of healthtech and smart cities, to solve the challenges the Japanese society has right now; an aging population and climate change. The Nordic countries have strong environments where startups flourish, but Japan currently fixates their investments in Finland and Estonia – we hope our trip to Japan draws attention to the strong potential of the Scandinavian start-up businesses,” said Lisa Mallner, the AI Investment Manager at Copenhagen Capacity.


Source: Copenhagen Capacity

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