Cross-vaccinated Nordic residents can not enter Thailand without quarantine

Maneewan Ckosawas is cross-vaccinated and that is a problems when she has to visit her family in Thailand. Not all countries in the world accept cross-vaccines. Photo: Private photo

If you have received two doses of covid-19 vaccines you are basically fully vaccinated but not all countries in the world accept cross-vaccines and Thailand is one of them.

Danish media TV2 brings the story of Maneewan Choksawas who is from Thailand but live and work in Denmark. She is one of the nearly 150.000 people in Denmark who have been “cross-vaccinated”, meaning that she first received a dose of AstraZeneca and after AstraZeneca was removed from the Danish vaccination program, she received a dose from Pfizer / BioNTech.

Maneewan Choksawas has not seen her 79-year-old parents for more than a year and a half and together with her boyfriend Holger Wentzel Olsen, they had planned to travel from Denmark to Thailand in August using their corona passport to avoid the 14 days mandatory quarantine requirements Thailand has for unvaccinated travelers.

But it has proven to be a challenge and the Embassy of Thailand in Denmark can not approve her application to exempt her from the quarantine requirements because Thailand, as the situation is now, does not recognize a corona passport with two different vaccines as valid.

Holger Wentzel Olsen has contacted the Danish health authorities to find out if his wife could get a third dose of the Pfizer vaccine, so she would have two doses with the same vaccine but that is not possible. He has also looked into if his wife could buy another dose of AstraZeneca through the company Practio but that request has also been rejected.

TV2 has contacted the Ministry of Health for comments on the matter and in a reply, the Ministry writes that according to the rules, you are only entitled to one vaccination course, and a possible third dose is not currently part of the Danish vaccination program.
“If the National Board of Health assesses that a vaccination process requires more than two doses, there will be room in the rules for another dose. If the National Board of Health considers a third dose to be superfluous, it will not be administered, neither in the general program nor in the optional scheme, the ministry writes.

The Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs recommends that Danes who wish to travel will take a thorough look at the restrictions and requirements that apply in the country they wish to travel to. The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs also points out that “the situation is very dynamic and can change quickly”, and that many countries are considering the issue of cross-vaccinations and have not taken a final position.

If Holger Wentzel Olsen and Maneewan Choksawas decide to travel anyway, Maneewan Choksawas will need to be quarantined for 14 days and this limits her from spending time with her family. The couple does not blame the Thai authorities but are frustrated that Danish health authorities mix the vaccines and reject the possibility of a third dose when it is so obviously necessary for some citizens with family abroad, Holger Wentzel Olsen says.

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