Thailand to provide Covid-19 vaccine to all foreigners aged 75 and over

As of Monday 19 July, there is good news for elderly Nordic citizens in Thailand regarding covid-19 vaccination and according to a recent announcement shared by the Norwegian Embassy in Bangkok, it is now possible for all foreigners aged 75 and above to register.

The Embassy writes:

The Director-General of the Department of Information and Spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Tanee Sangrat, has provided the following advice for foreigners aged 75 and over who have not yet received any COVID-19 vaccines:

Starting 19 July 2021, all foreigners aged 75 and over, who are residing in Thailand and have yet to receive any COVID-19 vaccines, may register for vaccination by a walk-in process at the Central Vaccination Center at Bangsue Grand Station every day, between 09:00 and 16:00 hr.
Those receiving vaccines must present their passports, as well as proof of residence, e.g. visa, permanent residence card, or work permit on the day of vaccination.

2. Walk-in vaccination is available every day at Gates 2, 3, and 4. Note that Bangsue Grand Station is also being used to vaccinate the general public. COVID-19 preventive measures should, therefore, be strictly observed while traveling to and at the vaccination site.
There is a daily capacity limit for walk-in vaccinations. However, vaccinations will be administered continuously throughout the day, therefore, those receiving vaccines can arrive at the site within opening hours as per their convenience.

3. This arrangement is reserved only for foreigners who have not yet received any shots of vaccines. Those who have already been inoculated with their first shots of vaccines must follow up with their second dose at the vaccination site where they originally received their first dose. The system can detect and will reject those who have already received the first doses. There is also currently no vaccine scheme for any booster or third shots available for the general public.

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