All foreigners in Thailand can now register for covid-19 vaccine  

A new platform for COVID-19 vaccination registration for foreign residents of all age groups in all provinces in Thailand is available from 1 August 2021 at 11.00 am onwards, the Thai Government Public Relations Department has announced.

Foreign nationals aged 60 – 74 who have already registered with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ website will have their records moved to this new vaccination site soon.

Find more information and register here

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4 Comments on “All foreigners in Thailand can now register for covid-19 vaccine  ”

  1. I am foreigner, my wife and daughter are Thai. I can not Pre Registation for Vaccine. More then one month all hospital showing Full Booking. Last more then one month i check everyday but can not Registation. some webside can registation only 60+ old only. this is showing from long time ago.
    please can inform me when we can registation 45+ years old ? when we can get Vaccine ?

  2. Dear Sir, I am an Australian citizen.I am stranded here in Bangkok since March 2020. I am here as tourist. Please guide me where I can have free COVID-19 vaccine. Thank you.

  3. This is a tragedy waiting to unfold.

    I have tried 3 times to get an appointment and the absolute clowns haven’t managed to give me an appointment.

    If I don’t get one soon – you’ll see me on the news. I’ll storm a hospital and refuse to leave until the clowns give me an appointment and to hell with the racists!

  4. I am a foreigner and I’m not allowed to register, this article is misleading. If you are on a visa extension you’re not eligible for a vaccine.

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