DABS invites to roundtable about the Philippines

If you’ve managed to either start a succesful company or expand a company from your home country to SE Asia, chances are that the next logical step is to continue the expansion and move further into the region.

Manila. Photo : Anton Zelenov

But every country in this region has own set of rules one should be familiar with before taking the chance and entering a whole new market.

Therefore experience is gold, and the more the merrier.

If you are based in Singapore, here’s a chance for you to get some insider knowledge for at least one of the region’s markets – the Philippines.

On April 19th, the Danish Business Association Singapore (DABS) will host an early-morning, breakfast roundtable where the subject of the gathering will be the Philippine market and how to access it.

DABS presents the event as follows:

“The Philippine market has experienced high growth, fueled by a growing middle class, favorable demographics and large infrastructure projects. The projected growth for the coming years is an annual 6,5 percent. The economy is however still developing. While poverty is falling, it is still very much persistent.

How can companies succeed in the Philippine market? During the seminar in January, four success factors were pointed out by Mr Ulf Wennblom, country manager at Business Sweden. Building trust, partnering with the right people, investing in people and being patient.”

But this time the roundtable will be visited by Mr Joona Selin, Executive Director at the Nordic Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines, who will bring business cases, analyze success factors and identifying some of the pitfalls that newcomers might encounter.

The event will be hosted in collaboration with SwedCham and FBC.

For more information, visit DABS’ page for the event.

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