Danish ambassador visited People’s Daily in China

The Danish Ambassador in China Arne Friis Petersen gave a long video interview to People’s Daily Online in China.

Denmark is the best destination for Chinese investors. That was how clear the message from the Danish Ambassador was when he was interviewed by the Chinese People’s Daily Online on Thursday 22 August. He explained it with the interest in Chinese culture, which is growing in Denmark these years.

“Many Danes want to learn more about Chinese culture. That increases likelihood ofsuccess like business, people-to-people contact, future research cooperation.. all these practices in the future will be made by understanding each other’s culture,” the ambassador said to People’s Daily Online.

dansk ambassador i china

And the strong cultural link between Denmark and China benefits the two countries’ economic exchange.

“The big international Chinese companies are already so experienced (in operating inEurope)…Many Danes study Chinese,(and they) get good insight into Chinese. Therefore, we are approaching each other’s way of doing business,” he explained.

Besides being interviewed the Danish Ambassador also had an online chat with Chinese web users, where he had the chance to share Denmark’s experience in promoting green lifestyle, emerging markets and international businesses as well as the diversified exchanges Denmark has with China.

Read more or watch the video interview on this link.

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