Danish appeal authority approve Wasuthon’s adoption in Thailand and opens up for Danish adoption

Wasuthon and his adoptive parrents – Photo: Michael Svenningsen

Wasuthon who also goes by the nickname “Guide” now has his adoption approved under Danish law. After the family got the adoption rejected twice, the Appeal Authority of Denmark has now overruled the verdicts and the family can file for a Danish adoption for Guide, Fredericia Dagblad writes.

The case of Wasuthon has attracted a lot of attention from the media and politicians in Denmark lately.

The mayor of Wasuthon’s home city Fredericia announced that he was going to write the Minister of Immigration and Integration, Mattias Tesfaye, asking him to urge authorities for a speedy process on the case.

Despite the two rejections for approval of the adoption by The Agency of Family Law, the Appeal Authority have ruled in favor of Wasuthon and approved the adoption. The latest rejection was based on the fact that Wasuthon’s younger brother Chayapon still lived with his grandmother in Thailand and that it therefore would be differential treatment if an adoption on Wasuthon was approved.

But now the Appeal Authorities is saying that the adoption cannot be denied on that basis.

Guide’s adoptive father Niels Jørgen Fries Nielsen, is happy about the ruling and now believes that getting a Danish registered adoption approved is a mere formality.

“I see the adoption as a formality which just needs to be sorted. Nothing is standing in the way of it when the biological parents agree to it per Danish law. They have already done so per Thai law,” Niels Jørgen explains and adds, that his wife is very happy about the turn of events.

The ruling from the Appeal Authority didn’t approve an adoption on Guides younger brother at this point in time. But Niels Jørgen tells that they intend to seek adoption on Chayapon at a later time when his sense of belonging is stronger in Denmark than in Thailand.

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