Danish badminton stars receive harsh messages after Indonesia was eliminated from All England tournament

Kim Astrup has shared a photo on Instagram, where he talks about his sympathy for Indonesia. Photo: TV 2 SPORT

Several Danish badminton players have been subjected to harsh statements and messages on social media from angry and disappointed Indonesian badminton fans. This comes after the Indonesian squad was sent home from the All England badminton tournament because a passenger on the team’s plane was tested positive for Covid-19, Danish media TV2 Sport reports.

The Indonesian badminton fans are, among other things, criticizing the Danish players for continuing to participate in the tournament, and a selection of the messages that several Danish All England players have received includes statements like, ‘Fuck you’. ‘Fuck you Denmark’. ‘Shame on you Denmark’.

Mathias Christiansen says to TV 2 Sport that there is no doubt that all the players there would like for the Indonesian players to be able to join. “It’s a real pity for them and we really feel for them,” he says. “We get a lot of hateful messages from people who can not understand why we don’t support stopping the tournament or even pull ourselves out. But we can not do that. We are here to play and as long as the tournament is underway, we will play,” Mathias Christiansen says.

The Danish player Anders Antonsen has also received several messages from angry Indonesians. “I posted a picture on Instagram that was not about it at all, and I think almost all comments on the picture were about ‘Stop All England’ and ‘Justice for Indonesia’. So pretty clear the Indonesian fans are just very passionate, and of course, they are really, really angry right now. But obviously, it’s not my fault or the other players’ fault, so it’s a bit wrong to blame us. It should not concern us, Anders Anderson says.

Mathias Boe, who is the Indian national coach, has also received hate messages on social media. Photo: TV 2 SPORT
Kim Astrup is one of the Danes who has received hate messages on social media. Photo: TV 2 SPORT

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