Danish company celebrated 25 years of Chinese cooperation

The Danish industrial equipment company Simonsen A / S recently celebrated 25 years of good and rewarding cooperation with the state-owned Chinese company LIRR, local media Nord Jyske reports.

Jørgen Simonsen entered the partnership over two decades ago and the cooperation between the two companies came about long before China really became known amongst the industry in Denmark. Today, Jørgen Simonsen’s sons, Morten and Klaus Simonsen, are at the forefront of the company and are responsible for carrying the strong Chinese ties forward.

The Danish-Chinese partner pair is among the strongest players in the international market for refractory and insulating stones for electrolysis furnaces in the aluminum industry.

Five years ago, when the two companies celebrated 20 years of partnership, a delegation from the Chinese company came to Nykøbing in Denmark. Simonsen A / S would have liked to reciprocate that visit with a trip to Central China this year but Covid-19 has set serious restrictions on travel activity over the past year and a half.

Luckily that did not put an end to the festivities and the celebration started with a lunch consisting of Chinese delicacies followed by a cake ceremony. The Simonsen management had the opportunity to toast with the Chinese friends via a direct video connection.

Morsø Municipality’s mayor Hans Ejner Bertelsen also had the opportunity to send a greeting to China via the video connection, where the two companies received many words of praise along the way.

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