Danish metro built using Chinese granite opens

metro station copenhagen
New station at Poul Henningsens Plads. Photo: Reginaldo Sales / Metroselskabet

The Danes are not known for their punctuality so it came as no surprise to most people, when the new metro was delayed again. And again. Eventually, the delay has strayed from the initial plan by a full pregnancy – 9 months.

On Sunday 29 September 2019, the wait was finally over and the baby was delivered in shape of 17 new metro stations for tourists, inhabitants, commuters and whomever may make their way through the Danish capital of Copenhagen.

Like the existing 20 stations, the new City Circle (Cityringen) is built using Chinese granite.

Most neighbours to the new stations will be excited, that they can look forward to a more quiet environment after listening to drilling and digging since the beginning of the decade.

On the day of the opening, public transportation was free.

However, an added fee of 1.6 DKK during rush hour and 1.28 DKK at all other times for using the new City Circle has already caused a commotion.

cityringen city circle copenhagen metro
The map of the Copenhagen metro lines. The red one is the new City Circle. Photo: David Arthur Derivative
metro copenhagen
A metro train in Copenhagen. The trains do not have any drivers, so users can sit in the very front. Photo: Søren Hytting / Metroselskabet

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