Deaf Thai women beat Swedish team in Deaf Futsal World Cup

More photos from the match here!

Final score 6-4 to Thailand.

After Thursday nights opening ceremony for the “2015 Deaf Futsal World Cup” the tournament started on Friday morning. The opening match for the women competition and the whole tournament was between the host nation Thailand and Sweden in group A.

Sweden hosted last World Cup in 2011 and finished second from last. In last years European Championship Sweden came in the ninth place. It is the first time Sweden played Thailand. The team from Sweden has replaced some older players and the younger ones are good but need to build up their experience according to Therese Rollvén, who is part of the coaching team.

Sweden started off with an early individual defense error, and Thailand scored after only 23 seconds. That mistake was significant for the game. Sweden controlled the ball well and had most of the possession. Thailand backed home in the defense area and worked fast on the counter attacks when they broke the Swedes otherwise excellent passing game.

Sweden got back in the game after just of two minutes of play with a nice passing game. Sweden kept on controlling the ball and game but the smaller, quicker Thais were back on top after eight minutes. It was number 8, Sakpat Preeyanuch that scored again for her second goal of the match. After yet another nice piece of ball control Sweden equalized within minutes.

Sweden had problems with fouls throughout the game. They played a more physical game and referees were not late to blow the whistle. Six fouls equal a penalty kick for the other team. That happened at the end of first half. Thailand scored from the penalty spot. 3-2 at half-time.


Second half

Sweden continued the ball possession and five minutes in to the second half Sweden scored through Johanna Karmgård after a nice pass from Fatima Tebibel.

Sweden pressed forward for the winner, but did not get closer than a shot at the bar in the middle of the half. With just four minutes left Sakpat Preeyanuch scored her third of the day. With two minutes left Sweden equalized for the fourth time. Both team wanted more but yet another Swedish foul with two minutes to play became crucial. Thailand scored from the penalty spot again.

Sweden replaced the goalkeeper with another outfield player and pushed forward, trying to get yet another equalizer, but missed a few good chances. Thailand scored in an open goal with seconds to go.

Final score 6-4 to Thailand.

After the match interview with Sweden coach Belan Zengana:

What do think of your teams’ performance:
We presented a good game. We controlled the ball, but made a few crucial individual mistakes that they scored on. We deserved a tie, but mistakes were not good.

And the Thai team:
It just to congratulate them, they played smart, and scored on our mistakes.

What can you improve:
We have to be better and safer in the defense. And we have to be better on the counter attacks

What about the referees. You got many fouls to help the Thais. They are smaller than your team, was that a problem.
We got many fouls, but we can’t blame the referee team for the lost.

What about the coming games to China and Italy:
Now we forget this and refocus on those games. We need to improve on the defence and will do our best.


More photos from the match here!

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