Denmark engages Vietnam in cultural exchange

The cultural development and exchange fund (CDEF) is part of an overall cultural program. Through CDEF the Embassy provides support to contemporary artists and performances in Vietnam as well as cultural exchange between Vietnam and Denmark. The total budget for support is a little more than 3 million USD (2011-2015).3danviet

Last week we completed a workshop aiming at discussing the achievements of the cultural support (CDEF) so far, as well as how CDEF should focus the support in the years to come to embrace the fast development of the cultural art scene in Vietnam. A number of representatives from leading cultural agencies and contemporary artists in various areas participated in the workshop and had a fruitful discussion focussing on the future.

At the workshop ambassador John Nielsen stressed the high priority given to supporting culture and art: “We emphasize again and again the importance of culture and art as a vital part of our strong partnership with Vietnam. Our cultural program is quite unique and provides us with the possibility of making a real difference supporting art and artists in Vietnam. The art scene in Vietnam is developing fast in these years. To me it is important, that our support to cultural events has an outreach, in terms of cultural areas and trends, and in terms of reaching artist in all corners of Vietnam. This workshop has provided us with some important inputs in relation to how we can strengthen our effort even more. We need to make sure, that the artists know about the possibility of getting support and how to apply”. This invitation is hereby passed on. You can find more information on CDEF here

Source: Embassy of Denmark in Vietnam

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