Denmark enhances green energy co-op with SE Asia

Denmark has strenghtened the pursuit towards green energy with three Southeast Asian countries – Indonesia, China and Vietnam.

On May 16th, The Danish Energy Agency (DEA) revealed plans to enhance coorporation and form partnerships with 12 countries worldwide on the occasion of the Clean Energy Ministrial (CEM9). The coorporation aims to support the Paris-agreement efforts to limit global temperature rise to a maximum of 2°C.

The Indonesian effort is a long-term pull to reform and plan the Indonesian energy grid in terms of renewable energy, energy efficiency and climate policy.

China and Denmark has long been coorporating in the area, and in this case the focus will be “on mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions through transition to more renewable energy, especially wind, energy efficieny and district heating,” according to the DEA.

The deals made also illustrates the level of the particular countries’ energy efficiency, and Vietnam is still in the very beginning of transitioning to a greener society, and the main task for Vietnam and Denmark is to develope “energy modelling and analysis of scenarios.”

The other countries included in the coorperation to reach the Paris-agreement are India, South Africa, Ethiopia, Mexico, Ukraine , Turkey, the US and Germany.

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