Denmark to build wind-powered electricity generator in Sulawesi

Denmark is one of the biggest forerunners in developing commercial wind power, which means that a great amount of todays wind turbines is produced by Danish manufacturers such as Vestas and Siemens Wind Power along with many component suppliers. Now Denmark plans to build a wind-powered electricity generator in Sulawesi, which will be the first of it’s kind in the country.
According to the coordinating minister for maritime affairs in Jakarta, Rizal Ramli, the advantage of the strong winds in Sulawesi is the reason behind the choice to develop wind energy.

The minister also added, that the plan is interesting, as there are many alternative energy sources in Indonesia, which could be developed, including biodiesel and solar energy.

The project will increase the capacity of generators and boost the number of alternative energy sources to meet the need for electricity in Indonesia.

The Danish ambassador, Casper Klynge, met with Rizal Ramli and at the meeting they furthermore agreed to increase cooperation in the maritime, energy and transportation fields.

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