Deported Thai Girl and Mother now back in Denmark

On Saturday January 4 the 8-years old girl Im and her mother Suthida from Thailand landed in Aalborg airport in Denmark. They were welcomed by family and friends from their hometown Aabybro, who had arranged a limousine to pick them up, told Danish Broadcast DR.

Mother and daughter were deported from Denmark last year after Im’s step dad and Suthida’s husband died from cancer in 2012. The Danish Immigrant service decided, that their connection to Thailand was bigger than their connection to Denmark, and therefore they had to leave the country on November 10. At that time they had lived in Denmark for four years.

Im and Suthida Nielsen’s story was published in the medias nationwide and created a public demand to let them in again. After that the law was changed retroactively, so that a foreigner’s permission to stay can not be changed because of a spouse’s death.

More photos from the airport welcoming are available here.


Foto Bo Amstrup, Scanpix

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