Embassy showcases Danish greentech

The Royal Danish Embassy has decided to implement eco-friendly solutions in order to help making Beijing greener. In order to combat pollution and save energy, the Royal Danish Embassy has recently implemented several eco-friendly solutions at the Embassy.den_cn_greenroof

“Here at the Royal Danish Embassy, we want to show that we walk the talk when it comes to energy efficiency,” says Ambassador Friis Arne Petersen.

“Therefore we have now installed energy-efficient pumps that regulate our heating system as well as solar panels on the Embassy rooftop. By doing so we save energy and the best energy isthe one you do not use.”

The Embassy has recently installed new pumps that regulate heating, cooling and hot water circulation. These pumps reduce the energy consumption of the Embassy’s heating system by 40 per cent. Likewise the Chinese solar panels that the Embassy has installed on its rooftop helps reduce the Embassy’s total energy usage by 30 per cent from the coal power plants near Beijing.

“It’s a matter of credibility. When we as a government try to promote environmentally friendly technology, we need to show that we also want to use it ourselves,” says Ambassador Friis Arne Petersen.

“When the environmentally friendly systems help us reduce our energy consumption, it is only obvious that we use them.”

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