Environment, energy: key to Sino-Danish cooperation

Friis Arne Petersen, Danish Ambassador to China, in an interview with Beijing Review, outlined the win-win Sino-Danish cooperation with emphasis on environmental protection and energy conservation. Excerpts of the interview:

“I think energy cooperation is very important for both countries, not just in creating new energy policies, energy saving and energy efficiency, but also in the whole related issue between energy, economy and the environment.danfoss

China is a big country with 9.6 million square km and a population of 1.3 billion, but with insufficient arable land, water and other resources. In order to continue the country’s impressive and rapid economic growth and create a high living standard for more people in the future, Chinese politicians really have to understand, capture and define the optimization of resources.

We have the most attractive environmental policies and the most progressive energy policies. So I think China has to try to be part of it, which means to cooperate with us in a win-win conversation, and even to go one step further and excel in the wake of urbanization. So far, over 700 million Chinese citizens live in cities, but in the next 20 years, millions of more Chinese people will want to live in cities. You have to try to make economic behavior drive this attractive development toward your objectives of a more sustainable, more economically feasible, more environmentally attractive and more energy-saving society.

Over 480 Danish companies have a presence in China. Danfoss providing heating system reconstruction solutions to Beijing’s Niujie Community is a concrete example of what is happening now between Denmark and China. The technology the Danish company introduced used as little electric power and heat energy as possible by keeping a constant temperature in rooms.”

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