FBC Luncheon with Konecranes

FBC Luncheon with Konecranes President and CEO Pekka Lundmark

The President and CEO of Konecranes talked on May 7th at a FBC, Singapore, Luncheon on the topic “My two years in Asia”, in which he highlighted Asia as the biggest growth potential market for Konecranes.

In his speech he emphasized the Megatrend “Internet of Everything” or “Internet of Things”, and the future importance of the Industrial Internet in creating new business opportunities.

presiden koncrane

Mr. Lundmark stated that in Asia he also had the chance to see and experience the Konecranes’ customer interface infrastructure from the client’s perspective as well as build up stellar personal relationships with the most important decision makers in Asia.

Due the value of reasons mentioned above, Mr Lundmark said he would highly recommend this experience to all the Finnish corporate leaders who do business in Asia.


Text and picture by Maija Meriläinen


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