FCC Shanghai hosts an evening of blockchain

It was per definition the buzzword of 2017 in the tech field. It was, amongst many others, the technology behind the rapidly expanding cryptocurrency field and in the banking field.

And even though ‘blockchain’ is still heavily advertised as the technology that YOUR company needs, it is fair to say that it is a very rarely understood technology: What does it do, why does it do it and what is there exactly to gain from it?

I have personally had it explained several times – and also written about it a couple of times – and I’ve come to the level of somewhat understanding what it is, but is left with absolutely no clue why it does what it does and what there is to gain from it.

But on March 14th there may be a chance to change that. The Finnish Business Council Shanghai will be hosting ‘An Evening Full of Blockchain’, which will host lectures by several speakers very familiar with the technology.

And it’s looking good: Even the introduction to the event gave me somewhat of an ‘ohhhh’-experience about what blockchain is.

More information can be found on The Finnish Business Council’s webpage.

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