Finnish held Upgraded Health Singpore seminar

On 20 September Finland hosted the Upgraded Health seminar in Singapore. Finding solutions to create a better and healthy future for all by building bridges between Helsinki and Singapore was the purpose of this seminar, highlighted Ambassador Paula Parviainen, while welcoming a set of world class experts and influencers in the Health industry, writes Embassy of Finland in Singapore.

The City of Helsinki is in the process of building an ecosystem for health solutions, and health tech is one of the key strategic focus areas for the city, mayor Jan Vapaavuori highlighted. The commercialization of research ideas, business opportunities, promotion of job creation and exports are at the forefront of Helsinki’s program for healthtech. The availability of data from patients and national registers is a key advantage, and it opens vast opportunities in business and research. “Helsinki wants to be the most advanced city for everyday life”, so keeping up the quality of life for everyone is a priority.

But not only Helsinki: Finland as large is a land of opportunity for the Health sector, as said Jari Gustafsson, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Employment and the Economy. The share of health in our GDP is increasing, and we have internationally renowned research in our country. For the future, harvesting the opportunities of digitalization is a must, as well as increasing public private collaboration.

Source: Embassy of Finland in Singapore

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