Finnish speakers at Thai forum for Regional Trade

Finland had the privilege of having two speakers at the Regional Trade and Development Forum of Thailand’s International Institute for Trade and Development on 20 July.

Chargé d’Affaires Katarina Tapio from the Embassy presented how Finland sees education as the key to future jobs and prosperity. She shared the secrets behind Finland’s educational excellence, which include equal learning opportunities for all and excellent teacher education.

Currently Finland is focusing on further increasing the interest towards science, technology and maths education (STEM) as well as vocational education.

Finnish Innovation Fund’s (SITRA) Ernesto Hartikainen explained how Finland considers circular economy to present huge economic opportunities both to Finland and globally. Finland will host the World Circular Economy Forum also in 2019.

Want to know what circular economy is and read more about and SITRA? Click here:…/…/world-circular-economy-forum-2017/…

Source: Facebook page of the Embassy of Finland, Bangkok

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