Finns divided over gay marriage, Swedish language

Legalising gay marriage and demoting Swedish as an official language are the two issues most likely Gaymarriagelead to heated debate, according to Yle’s Fragmented Finland Survey.

The survey, conducted by pollster Taloustutkimus, found that a little over a third of the study’s participants indicated that they were strongly in favour of gay marriage, while almost one quarter said that they strongly opposed the notion.

The majority of people under 50 wanted marriage for all, regardless of sexual orientation.

Mandatory Swedish study in schools has long been a controversial topic for Finns, with the results from this survey proving that the issue still raises hackles for and against. One-third responded that they would like to demote the language from its position as an official language of Finland. Meanwhile, half of the survey’s participants would either strongly or somewhat like to maintain the status quo.

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