First ScandBizBar of 2015


At &SONS, a bar at the Chinese Square Centre, Scandinavian businessmen and -women are starting to gather. The collar button is unleashed and cold beers are being served along with different snacks.

This year’s first ScandBizBar Networking Night has started, and after only half an hour the place is getting crowded. A cold beer or a stirred drink seems to be the perfect way for the CEOs and contractors to end a working day and meet new people.

Sweden this year’s host
So far, five Networking Nights have been planned for 2015, and this year it’s theSwedish council, SBAS, in the Scandinavian collaboration that are hosting the events.

There is also a majority of Swedish people in the room, but according to Mikael Nielsen, a Danish consultant n Singapore, that is perfectly natural.

“That’s how it works. When Sweden hosts these events there are more Swedish people, when Norway hosts, there are more Norwegians and so on. Well, when Norway hosted the last time it was actually only Norwegians,” he laughs. “I guess it depends on the location and bar prices.”

That said, Mikael Nielsen insures that he will definitely be going next time. Because there are also Danes, Norwegians and Finns – even two Frenchmen turned up tonight. And it’s not about whether your fellow countryman will be there. It’s about networking, casual conversations and cold beers. The next planned event is March 12.


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