First time a Chinese airline flies directly to Copenhagen

When the Chinese airline Beijing Capital Airlines landed 3 September 2015 at Copenhagen Airport it was the first time that a Chinese airline has flown directly between Denmark and China.

220 Chinese passengers touched down in Copenhagen Airport with the first Beijing Capital Airlines flight from Hangzhou to Copenhagen.The direct route between the Danish capital and China is the result of a co-operation between Global Connected, Copenhagen Airport and the Foreign Ministry.

“We are constantly working to expand our commercial relations with the rest of the world,” said Kristian Jensen, the foreign minister.

“So I’m pleased about the new routes to and from China and the possibility of attracting more Chinese tourists with purchasing power and more Chinese investment.”

The new direct route could be permanent in the future. The current plan for the Chinese airline is to fly about 3,500 Chinese charter guests to Denmark from Beijing and Hangzhou in September and October via the travel agency Caissa.

According to Thomas Woldbye, the CEO of Copenhagen Airport, the average Chinese tourist spends about two to three times as much money as the average tourist does, so an ‘air bridge’ to China could have a considerable impact of tourism in Denmark.


The mayor of Odense, Anker Boye, agrees.

“HC Andersen is huge in China and the Chinese kids know many of the adventures by heart,” said Boye.

“We also know that Chinese tourists want to experience the authentic environment in HC Andersen’s town of birth, so I can only urge that we get more flights from China. It will beneficial to the whole of Denmark.”
Together with the Danish Embassy in China, Invest in Denmark has promoted the idea of establishing flights to Denmark. Invest in Denmark has assisted BCA in the process of opening the routes to Copenhagen.

“Connections are essential for the collaboration between China and Denmark both in regard to tourism and business. I hope that this is only the starting point for BCA’s activities in Denmark and we are here to help, if BCA considers expanding their operations in Denmark”, says Director of Invest in Denmark, Dorte Bech Vizard.
Beijing Capital Airlines or “BCA” is a joint venture between Hainan Airlines and Beijing Capital Tourism Group. It specializes in chartered flights and the majority of the passengers are tourists. The flights to Denmark are the first BCA routes to Europe. The majority of the customers on the flight will be group tourists from the Hainan Airline owned tourist company Caissa. Denmark will serve as the bridgehead for tours to other parts of Northern Europe and Scandinavia.



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