Flemming Winther Nielsen has passed away

Flemming Winther Nielsen passed away Tuesday 21 January 2014. He died close to 6 pm at home 65 years old. His wife, Khun Pornpan, called an ambulance that took him to Lad Prao Hospital but the doctors could not save his life. The cause of death was according to the autopsy failure of the respiratory system.

The funeral rites will take place from tonight, Wednesday 22 January at Wat Lad Prao temple in Sala 11. The day of the cremation will be Monday 27 January 2014.

Flemming Winther Nielsen wrote jokingly about himself n the text “About the Author” on his recently published book about the Danes in Siam:

Flemming Winther Nielsen“Flemming Winther Nielsen was born and raised in the suburban parish of Vinding near Vejle, Denmark.  He spent most of his childhood on Vejle Fjord sailing dinghies, all of them in sinkable condition. When 18 years old he escaped to Copenhagen by train and got a job renting out cars.

By a strange mistake he was enrolled at a College, studied and got a certificate and diploma in ‘Social Work and Development’ and then worked in the public sector for some years.

Cand. Scient. Soc. from Aalborg University, Denmark.

Lecturer at the College for Social Work and Development. During leaves Flemming Winther Nielsen worked and carried out research in Sudan (Khartoum), Zambia (Lusaka) and Portugal (Alentejo).

He has published various studies in Danish, among them: ‘Allah’s vej og vores’ (1985). ‘Udstødt-Udtrådt’ (1996).

Part time Lecturer at University of Thai Chamber of Commerce, Bangkok (2003-8)”

In 1998, he married Khun Pornpan, a lecturer at the University of Thai Chamber of Commerce. The couple lived in Denmark the first year, then moved to live in Bangkok in 1999.

In Thailand, Flemming soon became a very active participant in the Scandinavian community and studied extensively about the history of Siam. In 2009 he started writing about the historical legacy of the Scandinavian in ScandAsia. In 2011, he joined the board of Scandinavian Society Siam, where he established a special group, the Scandinavian Heritage Section, which arranged meetings and excursions to places of special historical interests.

In December 2013, Flemming published the book “From the Time of the Crocs” subtitled “The Danes in the Mangroves 1860 -” His plan was to gather material for a follow up book to be published in connection with the 100 year anniversary of the Scandinavian Society in 2020.

In Thailand, Flemming leaves behind Khun Pornpan and her two sons from her first marriage.  In Denmark, he leaves two daughters behind from his first marriage.

Flemming left rather specific instructions what he wished should be done, when “some day in the distant future” he would pass away. It included the Thai funeral rites and cremation that is now scheduled for Monday 27 January. Later, he wanted to be buried at the Protestant Cemetery on Charoun Krung, which Flemming had worked hard to preserve as a Scandinavian heritage site, culminating with his publication of the e-book Danish Graves in Thailand”.



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  1. We have lost a very active and good friend in SSS.Condolences to Flemming’s family

  2. Very sorry, and all my thoughts go to his kind wife.

    Flemming was such a nice person, and we enjoyed his many stories published in recent years.

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