Former Swedish ambassador to undergo trial

The former ambassador of Sweden in China, Anna Lindstedt, is facing a trial on accusations of overstepping her mandate when she allegedly arranged meetings that would seal the fate of Gui Minhai.

The prosecutor argues that former ambassador Lindstedt put relations with China at risk.

The daughter of Gui Minhai, Angela Gui, have publicly been advocating for her father’s release. Angela Gui tells that former ambassador Lindstedt had invited Angela Gui to a meeting with two Chinese businessmen (who allegedly have connections to the Chinese Communist Party) that ‘could help free her father’.

The Foreign Ministry of Sweden claims that the meeting was ‘unauthorized’.

Angela Gui claims that during the meeting, one of the businessmen had pressured her into accepting a deal, which she declined, that would ‘only result in a few years in jail’ if Angela Gui stopped publicly campaigning for her father’s release.

Angela Gui tells that the former ambassador Lindstedt had backed the plan proposed by the Chinese businessman.

“The public campaigning might cause China to ‘punish’ Sweden,” should the former ambassador allegedly have said to Angela Gui.

Anna Lindstedt denies the charge.

Source: BBC

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