Historic ceasefire agreement in Myanmar, continued Norwegian support

After more than 60 years of armed conflict, the Myanmar authorities and the armed ethnic groups agreed on 31 March, 2015 the text for a national ceasefire agreement.

“This is a historic milestone, and an important step towards a peaceful solution to the conflict in the country,” said Norwegian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Børge Brende.

The challenges that still need to be resolved before a lasting peace can be established in Myanmar are complex, but this agreement is a first step towards an inclusive political dialogue. A political solution to the conflict with the ethnic groups will be an important contribution to the democratisation process in Myanmar, stated the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


“I hope that reaching agreement on the text of the ceasefire agreement will spur efforts to achieve a just and lasting peace throughout the country. Norway is prepared to support these efforts,’” said Mr Brende.

Norway has supported the parties’ endeavours to achieve a national ceasefire and a transition to political dialogue since 2012. Part of this support has been channelled through the Norwegian-led Myanmar Peace Support Initiative. Norway also chairs the international Peace Donor Support Group, which is a platform for political support for the peace process.

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