Hong Kong says yes to Swedish premium chicken and turkey

Svensk Fågel © Sven Persson / swelo.se
Svensk Fågel © Sven Persson / swelo.se

Hong Kong has said yes to imports and sales of chicken and turkey from Swedish farmers and companies. Demand for the Swedish premium chicken is great in Asia and this industry therefore believes that the export could have a value of 100 million SEK, to begin with.

“It’s great that Hong Kong now provides authorization for a trial period for the marketing and sales of our Swedish chicken and turkey. Our member companies are in the starting blocks and will quickly be able to deliver what the Chinese demand,” says Maria Donis CEO of Svensk Fågel (Swedish Bird).

Svensk Fågel © Sven Persson / swelo.se
Svensk Fågel © Sven Persson / swelo.se

The breakthrough came after the industry and Swedish authorities together have demonstrated the Swedish production process, and based on a delegation trip to Hong Kong in the autumn of 2015 with included the rural minister Sven-Erik Bucht.

“Asia and Hong Kong demand details that contribute to better demand for the whole chicken. In China chicken feet is considered a delicacy and used in anything from  soups to deep frying, in order to promote better health and rejuvenate the skin. For us at Svensk Fågel this will be an important part of our sustainability efforts as we can utilize a larger part of the chicken. In addition, the Swedish industry offers a high quality product that is salmonella free and with good animal health.”

A unique animal health program and a very low antibiotic consumption means that Swedish chicken feet and turkey meat is seen as a premium product in Hong Kong. The inspection program by Svensk Fågel for foot health have meant that the industry received an animal welfare indicator but also an opportunity to sell and export a premium product.

“The interest in the Swedish model with a focus on animal health and disease control is great. We have had visits from Chinese delegations who want to learn more about how Sweden is able to keep antibiotics consumption so low in animal production, while having a relatively good position illness among farm animals.”

Svensk Fågel © Sven Persson / swelo.se
Svensk Fågel © Sven Persson / swelo.se

Sales of chicken from the Swedish Poultry (Svensk Fågel) members increased by 13 percent in 2014 and all indications are that this increase will continue in 2015. As production increases in Sweden the need to export will also go up. The rest of China may be next.

The four abattoirs authorized to export to try are:
Kronfågel AB, Guldfågeln AB, Tor ridge Bird AB, Ingelsta Turkey AB

Svensk Fågel is the trade organization for Swedish chicken and turkey. It represents the entire chain; from breeding companies, hatcheries and feed producers to farmers and slaughterhouses. Member companies are: Kronfågel, Guldfågeln, Lagersbergs Chicken, Chicken Knäreds, Bjäre Bird and Ingelsta Turkey. All are working toward the same goal – to develop the world’s best chicken and turkey.

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