Swedish luxury cruises sails Indonesia for the first time

Monaco-based Star Clippers is the brainchild of Swedish entrepreneur, Mikael Krafft, whose sailing cruises may not be that known in Southeast Asia yet. This is about to change as this specialist will sail in Indonesian waters for the first time in 2017. The company, which is known for its three impressive sailing ships, offers passengers 19 departures between May 6 and October 14, 2017 and between 7, 10, 11 or 14 nights on board. The cruises run from Bali and Singapore but also makes Bali Tours and cruises from Bali to Singapore or vice versa.


Four-masted ship Star Clipper will sail between the exotic ports, visit unique cultural attractions and drop anchor at many of Indonesia’s coconut white beaches. It sends thoughts to Robinson Crusoe’s adventure when the ship is anchored at small jungle-clad islands surrounded by white sand beaches and crystal clear waters.

Indonesia’s cities and villages provide cruise guests the opportunity to experience the exotic Hindu culture with eccentric gods, incense, colorful sights and bustling streets and markets.

One of the highlights during voyages in Indonesian waters is the ability to see the Komodo dragons, the world’s largest lizard race that lives in several of the Indonesian islands. They can grow up to three metres long and live on, among other things, birds and mammals.

For Star Clippers’ many sailing enthusiasts and guests having the opportunity to see a Pinisi is another highlight. It is a traditional Indonesian sailboat that is characterized by its long elegant, double master, streamlined hull and seven billowing sails. These hand-built ships are pursuing the tradition of sailing ships’ golden age that ended in the early 1900s, which now Star Clippers re-created with their ships. In the harbor at the village of Wera an opportunity is given to see how these traditional ships are being built and sailed.


The size of the Star Clippers ships offers the opportunity to sail in waters where other cruise ships can not get through. There is also the opportunity to visit the islands Paula Satonda north of Sumbva, created by a volcanic eruption on the sea floor millions of years ago. Satonda is both a natural volcanic island and a marine national park with high mountains, a saltwater lake in the crater and a coral reef.

Other memorable highlights include an optional excursion to Mount Bromo, an active volcano in eastern Java. The volcano is 2329 meters high and is located in the middle of a vast plain in a protected nature reserve called “Sea of Sand.” In the Hindu festival Yadnya Kasadas fortnightly sacrifice locals fruits, rice, vegetables and livestock that they toss into the volcano’s interior.

In the southern part of Central Java guests get the opportunity to visit the Borobudur temple, built during the eight and tenth century. It is one of the world’s largest Buddhist monuments..

Star Clippers founder and owner Mikael Krafft says: “The Indonesian waters will really highlight the best of a Star Clipper cruise. The scenic surroundings and spectacular sights will be the perfect backdrop for our outstanding ship, Star Clipper. Guests can look forward to the most memorable cruises in some of the world’s most beautiful seas and exotic new activities and adventures every day. ”

A cruise to Indonesia for seven nights with Star Clipper costs from € 1,910 per person, including port charges and all meals on board.

Star Clippers has three of the world’s largest and tallest, fully-staffed sailing ships. The ships can visit ports where large cruise ships can not add. In addition, Star Clippers activities, amenities and an atmosphere are more reminiscent of a private yacht, which has made the company one of the world’s leading specialty cruise lines.

Passengers experience the romantic life sailing on board a true tall ship in a relaxed environment with high quality service and an attentive crew. All three ships have teak deck, svimming pools, an informal restaurant and a nice Tropical Bar on deck with a piano bar. The vessels are large enough to offer first-class living and meals.

The two smaller ships, Star Flyer and Star Clipper, both have space for 170 passengers with a crew of 74, while Royal Clipper can take 227 guests with a crew of 106. The ships sail in the Mediterranean during the summer months and at other times in the Caribbean, Cuba, Asia (December 2016) and Indonesia (from summer 2017).

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  1. It’s so pleased Swedish luxury cruises sails to Indonesian archipelago to see komodo dragons and stop in the others exotic spot where there is absolutely safe to visit.

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