Intervening Swede attacked by Jet Ski Operator

Photo:  Kimmam @ WikiCommons
Photo: Kimmam @ WikiCommons

A 51 year old Swedish tourist interfered in a heated discussion between a 27 year old Jet Ski Operator and another tourist in Pattaya. The intervention was not well received by the Jet Ski Operator who attacked the Swede. There are two reports on the time of this incident.

Local news site Pattaya One reports the occurrence to have taken place at nighttime Thursday the 8th of January while another local media PattyaPeople, reports the following event to have happened on Friday the 9th.

According both sites the Jet Ski Operator claimed that the other tourist had damaged the a Jet Ski and now  wanted compensation, when the Swede joined the discussion recommending the tourist to contact the police. This enraged the Jet Ski Operator who then he attacked the Swede.

Pattaya One quotes the Pattaya Police Chief for noting that the suspect has apologized for his actions and that he have been charged for the assault.

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  1. Just another jet ski scam, will it ever stop, we sincerely hope that police will take proper steps

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