Mediq Finland to market Chinese-made ‘at home’ test kits

Covid-19 home test kits. Image: Tanja Huutonen

The company Mediq Finland which provides equipment, supplies, and related services for healthcare and laboratory professionals is planning to market Chinese-made ‘at home’ test kits, media YLE reports.

The self-administered tests give users results in 15 to 20 minutes. They are antigen tests that are most accurate if taken five to seven days after the onset of symptoms, so they may not show positive results if taken before the virus has had a chance to incubate.

Heidi Liikkanen, CEO of Mediq Suomi said that she thinks Finnish consumers are excited about the new test kits and the company has ordered hundreds of thousands of the kits as a start.

The shipment is expected to arrive in the middle of this month and once they are launched on the Finnish market, the kits will be available in grocery stores and pharmacies as well as other shops, as negotiations with retailers are underway.

“We have prepared for reasonably high demand,” the CEO explained but said she could not directly comment on the consumer price of the tests. However, she said the cost would be in the same class as home pregnancy tests, which are about 10 euros apiece.


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