Norway becomes more affordable for foreign travelers

The Norwegian kroner (NOK) is historically weak. This means that travelling in Norway has become more affordable for most visitors.

Norway has long been perceived as a high-cost country, but Norway has slowly become cheaper for most travelers.

In just one year, the Euro and the dollar have gained about 15% and 18% respectively on the Norwegian krone (NOK). The Danish krone (DKK) is up 15%, while the Swedish krona (SEK) is up 10%. The pound is worth about 8% more in Norway now than it was at around this time in 2022.

NOK has hit a historical low against the dollar and the Euro this year, as well as many other currencies, making the country a less expensive destination.

Danes now get 150 NOK for every 100 Danish krone.

Norwegian financial newspaper Dagens Næringsliv quotes economists for saying, that due to the current global financial situation, the Norwegian krone might weaken even more in spring 2023.


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