Thailand’s tourism is back


Thailand’s tourism is on the way back. The country’s national bank predicts that the country will receive 28 million tourists this year. The figure is almost as high as in 2015, where almost 30 million visited the Land of Smiles.

This comes on top of three years in which the covid-19 pandemic cost the tourism industry greatly around the world. 6.7 million tourists came to Thailand in 2020. Only half a million came in 2021 and 11 million in 2022.

But with fewer restrictions worldwide, things are starting to look brighter for the tourism industry in Thailand. According to the national bank’s governor, it expects the economy in the country to grow by 3.6 percent this year. This is not least due to the fact that tourism will grow by 42 percent in the last half of the year.

The Chinese holiday, called the May Day holiday from April 29 to May 3, will make many people take time off. This means that Thailand expects a lot of tourists from China during this period.

According to the Ministry of Tourism, more than six million tourists from Europe are expected this year. Tourist from Europe alone is set to give Thailand an economic injection of 11 million euro. This is 80 percent of the level before the covid-19 pandemic.

In total, TAT expects a total amount of tourism for Thailand of almost 40 million euro this year.


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