Why do elderly Nordic tourists re-visit Thailand?

Mr. Narudome Oksue, a Ph.D. student of Tourism Management at the National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA) is currently working on a research project about why elderly Nordic tourists choose to visit Thailand more than once.

“While pursuing my Ph.D., I have had an opportunity to study documents from the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) and the Office of the National Economic and Social Development Council (NESDC),” Mr. Narudome explains to ScandAsia.

“These documents show how Thailand’s economic revenues closely relate to the high percentage of tourism from Nordic countries that increases each year,” he adds.

This information is what triggered his curiosity and now he wants to find out the reasons why so many elderly people from Scandinavia decide to visit Thailand and revisit the country again.

In addition, he is also curious why Thailand is the popular destination for many Scandinavians after their retirement.

Mr. Narudome Oksue has a professional background in outbound tourism from Thailand. He shared with ScandAsia that he has organized Scandinavia OKS Grace Tour for approximately 18 years to provide tour programs for Thai people who want to travel to Scandinavian countries.

To help him with enough data for his Ph.D., Mr. Narudome is hoping ScandAsia can bring him in touch with enough people that fits the description of being “elderly” and from “a Scandinavian country” and a “repeat visitor”.

“To qualify, respondents will have to be registered as living in one of the Nordic countries and must have been visiting Thailand more than one time – and be over 55 years old,” he says. These people will be asked to fill in a questionnaire, which he is currently designing.

The questionnaire survey for the research will be available online in the upcoming October and November.

ScandAsia would like to encourage readers to contact Mr. Narudome Oksue already now to get on the list of respondents when the questionnaire is set up in a way that will provide him with answers that can be computed to provide useful quantitively data output.

To volunteer for the survey or to ask for more information, please contact Mr. Narudome Oksue.

E-mail: narudome.oks@stu.nida.ac.th 

Phone: (+66) 81- 8741412


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  1. Nordic people in general love to travel, and as they become elderly they want to be away from the cold and dark of the north during the winter months. Thailand is then a perfect place to visit and stay in as “snow-birds” during the winter months. The sun is shining, the ocean is warm and the beaches delightful. The golf courses are nice and the caddies are smiling from ear to ear! Thailand in general have a much lower cost of living and the their currency goes farther compared to Spain, Portugal and many other countries where you can find “snow-birds” spending their winter months.

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