Norway’s annual Kuala Lumpur Seafood Gala Dinner 2017

The announcement it out that on Friday 13 October the annual Seafood Gala Dinner will take place at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, hosted by the Royal Norwegian Embassy. This highly anticipated yearly event will feature a spectacular seafood buffet, provided by renowned chef Frank Naesheim and his team.

Composed entirely of seafood flown in from Norway, the buffet is the result of an extraordinary collaboration between chefs from Norway and Malaysia, blending skills and traditions from the two countries. This Gala Dinner has become an annual highlight for the Norwegian business community in and around Kuala Lumpur, and its remarkable success has inspired similar events across Asia.

As usual, the Gala Dinner is expected to reach its full capacity. To purchase seats or tables, please contact the Embassy directly. 700 RM per person, including drinks.

Source: Royal Norwegian Embassy, Kuala Lumpur

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