Norwegian jazz artists in Asia for the first time

Bilde MiTri
MiTri playing in the church “Frelserens kirks” in Farsund – the band member´s home town at the South coast of Norway.

Next month two Norwegian jazz artists are playing and singing for Scandinavians living in Singapore. It is their first time in Asia.  

A vocal and a trumpet are soon on their way to play and sing in Asia for the first time. The audiences are Scandinavians living in Singapore. The vocal is Anne Louise Kaalstad and the trumpet is Sigurd Olsen. Together with the Norwegian Seamen’s Church’s own piano man, Øystein Tønnessen, they are representing the trio: MiTri.

“People should show up to get a unique Scandinavian cultural experience, relaxing atmosphere, musical enjoyment and pleasant socializing,” Øystein Tønnessen says.

Besides playing in MiTri, Øystein is head of communication and music in the church. The event takes place 18th of March in the Norwegian and Swedish Seamen´s Mission´s chapel.

Norwegian vaffels and coffee
There are 90 seats available and Øystein hopes for full house. He also thinks that another popular Norwegian dish will attract more people.

“We will serve our famous and popular “dish” – the Norwegian vaffels and coffee, so maybe that also will attract some extra audience,” he says.

A mixture of harmonic smooth jazz
Some of the material are written by the vocalist, Anne Louise Kaalstad, some are old hymn covers in new musical wrapping and Tom Waits songs translated into Norwegian.

Bilde MiTri konsert beskjAccording to Øystein, MiTri´s style is a mixture of harmonic smooth jazz and modern folk music.

“The way we play as a trio is characterized by improvisation and responsive interaction between us. The sound is evocative, expressive and meditative. Nordic influence, but a warm and smooth timbre. Mostly slow and silent with many elements of improvisation and ‘magic of the moment’,” Øystein  explains.


Read about the event here:

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